Atla Manor

  Atla mõis Atla 79403 Rapla maakond Estonia
Lng: 25.003466606140137 , Lat: 59.065492567459835

Contact person: Raivi Juks
Phone: +3725040563 /
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In 1997 the ruins of the manor were bought and restored. Atla main building is now home for the Juks Family. There are handicraft shop, the local ceramic factory and store, the  local apple winery, and a coffee-shop with very old tapestries on the walls – all these in seven other manorial buildings. 
In winter  there is a so called Ginger Bread Kingdom where visitors can study the gingerbread history and bake gingerbreads in unique ceramic moulds. The Atla manor has a nice park which is „taken care“ by  a  flock of sheep, and in a huge applegarden where there is a goose family „keeping  the garden in order“.
When booking one can have a gourmet dinner which is cooked in Atla-made ceramic dishware.   

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Open Monday-Friday 9:00-17:00, in the evenings and week ends please call in advance