Räpina Manor

Pargi 28 Räpina 64505 Põlva maakond Estonia
Lng: 27.450639009475708 , Lat: 58.09724445924784


Grandiosity was always a trait of this manor complex. There were  a number of mills producing flour, sawn timber and paper. The paper mill became the Räpina paper factory, which had a major role in  publishing during the national awakening era from the 1860s -80s.In 2009, Räpina Music School moved to the second floor of the manor house. During the renovation of the premises, a ceiling fresco from the time of construction was  restored. The grand castle is framed by an equally impressive park redesigned by landscape architect Walter von Engelhardt in the 19th century. The lovely landscape is dotted with steps, pruned trees and pergolas. At the tip of the peninsula is one of the most beloved architectural small forms found in such parks – a Neoclassical rotunda.