Saku manor

Juubelitammede tee 4 Saku, 75501 Harjumaa
Lng: 24.666709899902344 , Lat: 59.29902581961715

Phone: +3725226808 /
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Saku manor was constructed in 1820 and is among the best examples of classicist architecture in Estonia. The designer of the building is thought to be Carlo Rossi (1775-1840), one of the most famous architects of the time. The manor has been associated with the von Scharenbergs, the von Hastfers, the von Rehbinders and the von Baggehufwudts for longer periods. The manor house with its classicist ballroom and ceiling paintings from the 19th century make it one of the most beautiful manors in Estonia.
Saku Manor has 2 party halls, 2 salons, seminar rooms, 11 rooms, the Von Sackenmeck restaurant, and a BeerSPA. Venues and concerts take place there and the rooms are rented to both private and business customers for organising various events.